Lash glue/adhesive


One thing between a beginner and a pro is being able to adjust under any circumstances and still come out with high quality results. Do you want the secret to good lash retention?  Even Up to six weeks retention⁠

The answer is our 1 second drying time adhesive

⁠The weather is changing. so should your glue. 

This is our highest performing glue perfect for volume lashing and it works well for all seasons. 

A slightly thicker viscosity, 50-70% humidity⁠, providing an instant wrap and bond at the base of your fans.

We even offer free samples! Shhh, don’t tell anyone!⁠

Product Details

How fresh is your adhesive if you already open it? 

After opening, adhesive must be replaced after 6 weeks. This is the gold rule for the lashes adhesive use. 


How to Use:

Please shake adhesive for at least 1-2 minute prior to use. Dispose of first drop. After each use, please wipe tip of any excess glue to prevent any build up of glue on the cap. Retention works best when stored under the correct humidity and temperature.

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