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Private Label Design

Unique labeling sets products apart from generic options, enhancing perceived value and encouraging customer loyalty.

With private labeling, companies can control pricing, potentially allowing for higher profit margins compared to selling third-party branded products.

It enables faster response to market demands by adjusting products based on customer feedback or market trends.

Hundreds of the world’s leading companies here

Our collection is here to make your beauty routine as exciting as a Hollywood plot twist.

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Lashes so fabulous, they should come with their own entourage! Take your lashes from zero to VIP status with our range of show-stopping falsies

Small & Big Orders Accept

Small and big order acceptable

All Lashes Customized Brand

Customize all the lashes and tools

Continuously researching new

Ensure that we stock the latest products

Lash One-Stop-Service

All related lashes here

Korean PBT Fiber Quality

High quality Korean PBT Fibers

Help Lash Business Grow

Help you grow on website,social medias

Strip Lashes Are Here

Mink and synthetic materials. 

Invisible and cotton lash band.

Private label are available.

Fuller and natural styles.

Color lashes hairs.

One of our key offerings is the ability to customize strip lashes according to your preferences and brand identity.

We understand the significance of standing out in a competitive market, which is why we provide private label solutions. This allows you to create a unique line of lashes tailored exclusively for your brand.


VK LASHES Factory Corner

Life’s too short for bad lashes and boring beauty tools!


Our lashes and beauty tools are like Harry Potter spells for your glam game.Swipe up to unlock your beauty wizardry!

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