UV lamp system/Beamlight


Revolutionize Your Lash Game with Our Beam Light UV Lash System! 🌈✨
Experience the future of lash care today.

Included in our kit:
1x Beam Light UV LED lash glue (5ml)
1x Beam Light safety glasses.

💧✨ Immediate water exposure for your lashes?
Absolutely! With our innovative system, forget about bonders or sealers—water is now allowed IMMEDIATELY after application. Say hello to hassle-free, flawless lashes! 💦✨

Curing within 1 – 2 seconds – extreme retention that no classic lash glue will ever achieve. No residual fumes after the curing process. Lasts until the natural lashes fall out.

✅ Water is allowed IMMEDIATELY to the lashes
✅ No 48h rule anymore
✅ No bonder or sealer needed anymore
✅ completely transparent
✅ almost no fumes at all

Product Details

A glue that solves all your problems.
✅ Up to 80% success rate with allergy customers
✅ Humidity no longer plays a role
✅ Temperature no longer plays a role
✅ Seasons no longer play a role
✅ Cures completely within 1-2 seconds

Sounds like a miracle? It is!

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