Super bonder


15ml each bottle

1 bottle will last you at least 150 – 200 clients!

Maximizes retention by up to 30%

Works with all adhesives. No need for nano misters or nebulizers

Product Details

How does this work?

The main ingredient in glue that bonds the extension and lashes together is Cyanoacrylate. Normal dried Cyanoacrylate is not very flexible, which is one of the reasons why lashes fall off after a while.

The Super bonder’s job is to add elasticity to the adhesive making the bonds more flexible, therefore resulting in better retention.

Super bonder instantly polymerizes the adhesive, without shock curing. Sealing the fumes from the adhesive significantly reduces any irritations and sensitivities

Additionally, because the bonds have been sealed, the lashes therefore are safe to get wet after 3 minutes. You and your clients will no longer have to wait 24-48 hours to go to the gym or wash your lashes.

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