Lash glue pad


Hold up to 26 drops adhesive.

Lightweight and compact.

Suitable for beginners.

Product Details

Disposable glue pallet reduces the glue used in each application treatment resulting no waste. There are 28 pocket holes at a perfect size for each glue drop to place glue in a different hole each time you require fresh glue. These holes prevent the lash glue from solidifying quickly.

The high-quality plastic absorbs fumes and keeps the glue in the best condition on the palette. Specially designed pits protect the glue from leakage even if you accidentally drop the palette. Each palette is disposable making clean up a breeze – fast, easy and no mess.

  • Sticky double-sided tape- easy to stick on your preferred work surface. (hand, lash tray, lash holder, headband, beauty table/bed)

Pack of 10 pallets

Diameter: 4.5cm

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