lash glue shaker


Can also be used to mix nail polish and clean makeup brushes.

2 AAA batteries required (not included)

Suitable for different glue caps.

Hand shaking was the traditional way of shaking our glue before, it was the only way we really had. However with the glue shaking by hand we can run into a bunch of different problems when not done correctly.

The glue is shaking up to the top and we are not mixing all of it all. When we are using a glue shakes, everything is getting mixed all at once.

Product Details

Glue shaker is a life saver! Anything to make my service go seamless.

Some of the benefits to use the glue shaker is your are only going to be having to shake at the top of the hour of your appointment or in between every glue drop instead of shaking it vigorously for a minute. You can cut down your time to about 20 seconds in between each glue dot.

Wrist relief is a must!

Another one of the benefits to use a glue shaker is wrist relief, as lash artist our wrists are already strained  enough, so by adding an extra relief to our hands, you know just makes our appointment go a little big smoother and you will notice over time your wrists aren’t aching as bad.

You know there is a lot of tension and a lot of muscles that are used in shaking your glue. And sometimes you do not even realize how hard you are actually doing it.

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