Nano mister


The ultimate game-changer in lash care!

🌬️✨ This sleek and innovative device is designed to elevate your lash extension experience to new heights. The Lashes Nano Mister provides a fine mist of hydration, ensuring a flawless set and extended lash life. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to lashes that feel as good as they look!

💦👁️✨ Welcome to a world where every lash application is met with the perfect finishing touch. Get ready to experience the magic of our Lashes Nano Mister! 💖

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✨ Your lashes deserve the best, and our Nano Mister is here to deliver that extra touch of perfection. Dive into the world of hydrated and radiant lashes! 💫🌟

Product Details

These cute Nano Misters are a great way to help introduce moisture into the air around your lash client, increasing the humidity, which will help with slow drying glue!

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