Reasons to choose ellipse lashes?


Ellipse lashes, also known as flat or cashmere lashes. Instead of having a round, circle base, like a normal classic clash, ellipse lashes have a flatter, oval base. 


If we compare the most commonly used 0.15 Classic Lash to a 0.15 Ellipse Lash, we would find that the ellipse lashes is only half the weight to the classic lashes.  Which means you could make  0.15 Ellipse lashes safely applied to any natural lash which could safely hold a 0.10-0.15 Classic eyelash extension. 

A 0.20 Ellipse lash could be applied to any natural lash which could safely hold a 0.15-0.18 Classic eyelash extension.

Ellipse classic Lashes are fabulous for a fuller look without adding too much weight to the natural lash. 

Position and glue

The flat lashes is different from classic lashes when you using it for customers, it must be placed on top of or underneath the natural lash because of the different root shape, and the lashes bond very well with additional surface area. 

As lash artists, we know it’s all about the base when it comes to retention. If the base of the extension isn’t properly adhered to the natural lash, the extension will most likely pop off in a few days.

It’s easy to lose control of how much lash adhesive gets picked up because of its wider base. If you dip and withdraw too quickly, you’ll end up with stuck together lashes and slow drying lash adhesive.

The better way to dip lash extensions in glue is by inserting into the middle of the adhesive dot, just 1-2mm, then slowly withdraw the lashes extension. The slower you come out from adhesive, the less adhesive will be picked up onto the lash. 


No matter you use 0.15 or 0.20 Ellipse lashes, it could be challenging if you never worked with volume lash diameter before, if you’re a seasoned lasher who prefers applying Classic lashes to the side, they might take a little getting used to. 

Because they are weightless as 0.07. the lashes would kink if you use bad quality tweezers or too firm a grip, or you are new to pick up lashes. 

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