Butterfly Lash pallet


Butterfly Lash Tile

Brighten your work station with our BUTTERFLY LASH TILE! 

Keep your lash strips organised and your lengths labelled for a no-fuss application.

This is an all-in-one lash pad, that keeps your adhesive & tweezers in the same place. This cute, pink and decorative piece is designed to not only hold your adhesive, but also your tweezers, that when attached to the magnets, provide the full butterfly effect.

Please note tweezers are not included.

Product Details

Our Lash Palette is made of acrylic, combined with a pink jade stone for your convenience while lashing.

It’s the perfect size for those who need a little more space than the standard lash tiles

12 x 9 cm

Removable pink jade stone

Easy to clean & use

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